Deposits and additional fees

At the time of booking Collin’s Tours requires a deposit (determined per tour), which is 100% non-refundable. This deposit secures your arrangements.

Prior to travel, all arrangements must be paid for in full by the designated date. Our travel rates are established based on current exchange rates, applicable taxes, fuel costs, and other related costs to Collins Tours. Sale prices and promotions are established with expiration dates. These factors mean that our rates are subject to price increases. To take advantage of current pricing, please arrange to pay a deposit with Collins Tours as early as possible.

Collin’s Tours encourages all passengers to secure travel insurance protection for the unforeseeable circumstance requiring cancellation or interruption of your vacation. Similarly, insurance for medical coverage is also advised.

Cross-Border and International Travel

In advance of your departure date, Collin’s Tours requires information from your valid and current passport to ensure efficient processing at international borders. You must also ensure that you bring your passport and other pertinent IDs or documentation with you on the trip.

It is the responsibility of each traveler to verify their status with Border Officials to ensure entrance eligibility. U.S. Customs and other international authorities have the right to refuse entry to anyone with a past record. Please check to clarify your status if you have any concerns.

Collins Tour’s is not responsible in any form, nor liable for any costs or expenses incurred from such denial of entry, refusal of boarding planes, trains, cruises – locally or abroad.

Seat Rotation

On motorcoach trips, Collins Tour’s practices seat rotation. The orchestration of these arrangements will be explained on board by your tour manager. There are no exceptions to seat rotation without written notice from a physician, those with a written notice will have their seat placement rotated within the front third of the seats onboard the coach.

Special arrangements may have to be made spontaneously by the tour manager for unforeseen circumstances while traveling.


Travellers requiring assistance must be accompanied by a companion who will be fully responsible while on tour.

Luggage Allowance

On motor coach tours each guest is allowed one large suitcase, which is stored in the luggage compartment beneath the bus, one carry-on bag suitable for storage in the overhead compartment or under your seat, and a personal item such as a purse or camera bag.

For your return trip, we understand that you may have done some shopping. Please be aware that you are likely not the only one and be considerate of the limitations of storage capacity. If you are concerned about the size of your intended purchases, please speak with your tour manager.

Name Change

Should your travel arrangements change and a substitution of a passenger is required, please be aware that an administrative fee of $100 CAD will be charged per change for any of our Escorted Vacations that use a motor coach as the sole mode of transportation.  Name changes can be made up to 14 days prior to departure date.

Name changes are not permitted on Escorted Vacations with Collins Tours that include cruise and/ or air transportation due to the restrictive booking nature of group reservations with cruise lines airlines.


During your tour, the tour manager may take photographs of you, as part of the group, and these may be used in our print or electronic advertising and marketing without obtaining any further consent from passengers in respect of such photographs.

Passenger Conduct

Collins Tour’s wishes for all travelers to enjoy their vacation to its fullest, and as such, it is important to understand that Collins Tours has the right to ask any participant to leave should his/her behavior disrupt the group. It is not acceptable that the experience of other travelers is ruined by the disrespectful behavior of any individual.

In the event of dismissal, Collins Tours will not provide a refund for the unused portion of the tour, nor will we incur the costs of further travel arrangements for the passenger(s) to return home.

Please note also: Overnight motor coach travel includes a quiet time from 1:30 am until 6:00 am for the comfort and safety of all on board.

Travelling with Children

Any child under the age of majority who participates in our tours must be accompanied and supervised by an adult for the entire length of the tour. Collins Tours will not accept any parental responsibility for any minor tour participants.

Collins Tour’s itineraries do not cater to children’s interest or activity levels and are therefore not particularly suited to children. Please use good judgment if bringing a child on a vacation with Collins Tour’s.

New Brunswick law required that children under the age of nine must be in a booster seat until they reach the weight of 79lbs (36kgs) or a height of 4ft9in (145cm). Please be aware that motor coaches cannot be fitted with booster seats.

Emergency Washrooms

We travel in deluxe, European-style motor coaches, equipped with an onboard emergency washroom. We intentionally use the word “emergency” to remind our passengers that the onboard facilities are not intended for regular use. Rather, we make frequent stops for everyone’s comfort.

Scent Sensitivity

Please avoid the use of perfume or scented sprays on the motorcoach or in an airplane. These are confined spaces, so be courteous to your fellow travelers who may be allergic or sensitive to scents.


Gratuities for your tour manager and driver are not included in your tour price. Tipping is your way of saying “thank you,” for a job well done and although we’ve provided guidelines below, tipping should be extended on an individual basis at your discretion.

  • Tip private tour guides for city tours $2 per person, per day
  • Collins Tours tour managers – anywhere from $3.50-$6.00 per person, per day
  • Motorcoach driver – minimum of $2.50 per person, per day

Travel Insurance

Collins Tours offers travel insurance from Manulife Financial! Click the link below to view your options.